About OSB


The Online Story Bank aims to create a free, permanent collection of surprising, engaging and informative stories; a showcase of the best ‘change’ stories from around the world to inspire writers, storytellers or anyone hoping to influence anyone else about, well, anything at all.

The stories selected and presented for you in the Online Story Bank have been chosen solely for their potential to intrigue, involve and inspire you. We’ve tried for variety and balance in subject, length, style and content; to include stories that stimulate a range of emotions and reactions. Some specifically call for a direct response, others don’t. Some are obviously transformational, some less so. Several are fresh discoveries, many are old favourites. Some are in the first person, some are told through the eyes of others.

It’s not a definitive collection, though it’s growing all the time. The online story bank is a showcase for transformational, life-changing stories, whether heart-warming or painful, upsetting or uplifting. It’s for all stories that raise spirits, expose issues and shine light upon the limitless potential of life, as well as for all other equally important stories that have not yet been written, have not yet been told.

Our hope is simply that they’ll surprise, entertain, interest and inspire you to create and tell similar stories of your own, here and elsewhere, to change someone’s world. And yours, too.

Soon you will be able to join in and post your own story here. Watch this space for further news, or email Ken here.

The Online Story Bank is twinned with SOFII, the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration, which also has many examples of storytelling to change the world. Also please see The White Lion Press and Ken Burnett websites.