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Tonight’s storyShortcuts to great stories

ADVENTUREThe gorilla.
DELIGHTLove the taste of words.

ACTIONOne in the eye for Hitler.
SQUIRMA mastectomy, before the discovery of anaesthetics.
TENACITYA tortoise crosses the road.
WONDERRough sex down by the river.
FEEL GOODWhat happens when a homeless guy does the right thing?
SURVIVALHow to eat a salamander.
EXPLORATION: The witch-finder Gagool.
RUESOME: ‘Oh me, I eat anything…’
BIZARREThe strange case of Mr Phineas Gage.
SATIREA solution to the rising birth-rate among the urban poor.

Recent additions:
‘Damn you all to Hell’. From a letter by Tom Hanks, responding to a request for an interview.
‘We tell stories’: the distinction between writing truth and writing fiction. By John Carey, from his introduction to The Faber Book of Reportage.
Broken sandals, worth one more repair. By Ken Burnett, on why aid charities are investing in governance.
Look out for:

What happens when I try to give my Guantanámo guards a present? By Emad Hassan
Dorian Gray hides his picture. From The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.
Dorian shows the artist the dreadful fruits of his handiwork. From The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

Storytelling can change the world, by Ken Burnett
The most important skill for any would-be influencer.
***** Eleven five-star reviews on Amazon.co.uk and four on Amazon.com.
‘Only a few chapters in and I’m mesmerised… thanks tons (like all the elephants in Africa tons) for writing this book.’  Shanon Doolittle, Seattle, USA.
Review here. Purchase here.

Don’t miss this:
The making of the eye, by Charles Sherrington (a must read)

What else is here?
An uplifting solution, by Isobel Robertson
It’s never too late to do something wonderful, by Ken Burnett
The running man, by Christopher McDougall
Oh me, I eat anything, by Ken Burnett
Clancy, of the Overflow, by Banjo Paterson
The cremation of Sam McGee, by Robert Service
Two avoidable deaths, one sad, the other, less so.
Jaded at the Odeon, by George Smith
A salamander, mid 1990s, by Kang Cheol-hwan
A salamander, 1505, by Benvenuto Cellini
Plus more, just keep looking. And maybe add a story of your own
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