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Paying for books from the White Lion Press
You can make a payment to the White Lion Press here, via PayPal. If you know your invoice cost and if you have a PayPal account, you can send funds to now, or click on the button to pay by credit card, also to If you don’t have your invoice cost simply email Joe at the above address and along with your books he’ll send you details of the full cost plus how to pay.  Thank you.

Sorry the link to Paypal above is so small, but it works. We are trying to make it larger, but hope it’s no inconvenience. Thanks.

NB payment options have changed
When White Lion Press managing director Marie Burnett died in June 2019 WLP ceased trading as a limited company and became a sole trader. This means we can no longer accept payment directly by credit card, though you can pay securely and instantly via PayPal, using your credit card. So for all transactions, please work out your total to pay directly from the WLP site here or using the chart below, click the Paypal button above, follow their instructions to make your payment and the job’s all done. Simple!

If you prefer we are happy to accept a cheque (sorry, in UK currency only, drawn on a UK bank) or to invoice you directly so that you can make payment directly from your bank to WLP’s bank account. Please contact for details